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April, 01 - 2022
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  1. LxTek 30 Pack Compatible Ribbon Replacement for ERC-30, ERC 30 34 38 B/R Used with Epson ERC30 ERC34 ERC38 NK506 Printer (Black and Red)
    LxTek for Epson ERC-30, ERC 30 ribbon
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  2. LxTek Replacement for IR40T IR-40T CP13 MP-12D Calculator Ink Roller Printer Ribbons use with Canon, Sharp EL-1750V, EL-1801V (Black/red, 10-Pack, Individually Sealed)
    LxTek for IR-40T Ribbons
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  3. LxTek Replacement for GR24 Universal Twin Spool Calculator Ribbon use with Nukote BR80c, Sharp El 1197 P III, Porelon 11216, Dataproducts R3027 (Black/red, 12-Pack)
    LxTek for Porelon 11216 Calculator Ribbon
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